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Donetsk State Medical University

In 1970 Donetsk was recognized by UNESCO as the best industrial city in the world. Donetsk is not only a major industrial city but also a big cultural center of Eastern Ukraine. There are 140 museums and museum rooms in Donetsk Ukraine. There are two large state regional museums among them.

A Best city Donetsk is the fifth city in Ukraine in terms of population. Donetsk is an unusual green industrial city with the population of one  million people. Here you can meet mines, slagheaps, located adjacent to apartment blocks, at the same time you can see beautiful green alleys, botanical gardens, lakes and reservoirs.

Donetsk Regional Art Museum and the Donetsk Regional Museum.

Among the most interesting sightseeings of Donetsk is Mertsalov’s Palm. It is a representation of palm, forged from steel by Alexei Mertsalov. The Palm has got Grand Prix Award at the Paris International Industrial Exhibition in 1900. The Palm is made from a single rail.

COURSES : General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Post Graduate Education, Preventive Medicine, Nursing

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