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Black Sea National University

The Black Sea National University is a branch of the National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” (NaUKMA). The “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” was founded in Ukraine in 1992 as the first example of a western type liberal arts college providing education of the highest caliber which conforms to international standards. Within a few years the institution gained the title of National University (the highest range of universities in public higher educational system of Ukraine) and entered the Ivy League of Ukrainian universities.

After the country became independent, the Black Sea region lost a major economic specialization in shipbuilding. Therefore, the idea of creation of Mykolaiv branch of “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” to train a wide range of professionals for the regional needs began in summer 1995 with teachers from the Ukrainian State Sea Technical University and was supported by the local government and the administration of NaUKMA.

The Black See National University (BSNU) was founded in 1996 to respond to the need in specialists with higher education, especially in humanitarian direction, including social and natural sciences. At that time it enrolled a modest number of students. Comprehensive operations began in 2000 after the infrastructure was in place.

COURSES : Public Administration, Philology, Computer Science, Faculty of Economics, Ecological and Medical Sciences, Political Science, sociology

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