My name is Sambath. I am from Kangayam ,Salem Tamilnadu. I am studying Kharkiv National medical University. I got admission through Anix Education. They really helped me each and every procedure for admission & other things. I am really happy. My Experience studying at Kharkiv National Medical University has been great. I would recommend Kharkiv National Medical university to any student from any country looking to have a rewarding Educational Experience in a unique location.


I am Bleswin George studying at V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University. The university is a reputed higher school with the strong 200 year tradition. I had a great time studying at Karazin University and Living as a student in Kharkiv.

Bleswin George

I am DilDIl, Studying In Kharkiv National Medical University. I am really happy to study at KNMU. I got admission through Anix Education. The Universities academic base is awesome. Ever professor gives value based teaching and always ready to answer any questions. I really enjoy the practical side of the course and lab work.


Hello I am Haritha From Kerala, I am very glad to be here , My parents are happy too. For me Ukraine is very nice place. My second home. Not only I am going to be doctor But also I learnt independent person. Thanks to Anix Education for Helping me in building my career and giving me all these happiness .


This is Bibin Joseph native of Kannur Kerala, India. I’m in 4th course of General Medicine studying in KNMU, Kharkiv. I got information about MBBS in Ukraine from Anix Education personally I like Anix Education & they performed duty willingly and with dedication .We were provided with everything that was promised by them. I met new people every day & got lot of friends from other countries .Overall it’s very interesting to be here in Ukraine.

Bibin Joseph

Hello, Myself Dayana From Wayanad Kerala . I’m in third year now , In Ukraine. V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University The experience has been very good so far… and would be so ! The experience with Anix Education & Mr.Alex was nice ! He has always guided me as an elder brother. He has never let any stone unturned in any harsh situation. He kept his promise. There’s no point of regression . He always stays up there in case of any issues! I’m glad am here in Ukraine.


Hello, My name is Arul Kripa Mariya. I am studying in Ukraine 6th course, general medicine. I came to Ukraine through sincere guidance of Anix Education & Mr. Alex. I was scared to study here earlier as it was all new for me, but Mr.Alex was very friendly to me, he himself took care of my needs and deals of the university and accommodation. I consider myself lucky that was in safe hands and the right person to look after me far from home, and will finally graduate and be a doctor.

Arul Kripa Mariya

Hello, this is Dharshika native of Madurai Tamilnadu .I’m studying General Medicine in Kharkiv National Medical University. When I was new in Kharkiv, I was a bit scared about the new place but Mr.Alex tried his best to create a homely atmosphere for me so that I would not be disappointed here. Even I was happy to get Indian food in our mess. For me, Ukraine is a very nice place, quite safe and silent. People are quite cooperative for foreign students. Our teachers are very caring and always emphasise us to study hard. I am quite satisfied with my studies. I would like to thank Mr.Alex & Anix Education for these entire boons I have availed.


Hello this is Amala Vincent native of Kannur , Kerala. Iam a 3rd year medical student
in Kharkhiv National Medical University. My dream of becoming a Doctor was
accomplished through Anix Education. I got to know about Anix Education personally
and also Mr. Alex and Mrs. Annie. It was a kind of dream come true to study abroad.
But I take this opportunity to thank Anix Education as well as Mr.Alex and Mrs. Annie
for making my life more comfortable in Ukraine. We go through certain tough times
but even then they are there to help us out. Studying in Ukraine is quite different
from India but I enjoy and consider it as a privilege. A lot of different communities,
cultures , traditions can be seen and being able to go up and mingle with different
people is so much interesting. The teaching faculty is also good that they help us in
clearing our difficulties in academics. I thank Anix Education and Mr. Alex and Mrs.
Annie for opening the door to my career.

Amala Vincent

Hey, I am Anakha Sunil Kumar, a 2nd year Malayali student from Ooty. From the day
I remember, it was always my dream to become a Doctor. As I grew up, my goal
never changed but the place where I would study was a fantasy. I wanted to be
somewhere, where they had the peaceful streets like that of Paris, historical
buildings, a blend of European culture's and of course a well renowned university.
Today, I'm here at Lviv-"The Pearl of Europe" , pursuing Medicine at Danylo Halytsky
Lviv National Medical University. Thanks to Anix Education for helping me achieve
my DREAM of studying abroad turn out to be a REALITY. As being the leading
Education Consultant, Anix had provided us the best. As promised by the Anix team,
all the procedures to enroll into the university were done smooth. I am glad that I
had chosen the right hands and strongly believe that I will pursue my dream. Once
again thanks to Anix Education.

Anakha Sunil Kumar

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