University of Valencia

The University of Valencia also known by the acronym UV is a university located in the Spanish city of Valencia It is one of the oldest surviving universities in Spain, and the oldest in the Valencian Community, and is regarded as one of Spain's leading academic institutions The University was founded in 1499 and currently has around 55 000 students.

MBBS in Spain offers best educational program and the course fee of medical study is affordable. The mode of training is English. There are many reputed MBBS colleges in Spain. Study in Spain offer a wide rundown of projects in perhaps the best MBBS College in Europe. MBBS in Spain in recognized by the National Medical Commission of India. The instructors in the MBBS University here are cultivated and experienced. MBBS studies in Spain are safe and reasonable for Indian students. The Spanish language can likewise offer different worldwide freedoms to students. In order to apply MBBS in Spain, you need to qualify the BMAT entrance examination.





  60% of mark in 12th science (PCBM)





  Medium of instruction





  6 Year


  World Ranking 288

  Country Ranking 5


  4500 to 7500 USD Per Year



  • A quality education system
  • Its rich culture and historical heritage, added to its affordable cost of living
  • MBBS Universities in Spain are supported by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and other famous medical bodies
  • MBBS studies in Spain are safe and reasonable for Indian students
  • The instructors in the MBBS Universities here are cultivated and experienced



  • Qualify 10th 12 with more than 60% of marks
  • Required NEET exam
  • Valid passport
  • Required IELTS/TOEFL
  • Student’s age must be between 17 to 25 years
  • English Medium Education



  1st Year

  2nd Year

  Anatomy of apparatus and system

  History of medicine and documentation

  General anatomy

  Biochemical involvement and clinical biochemistry


  Medical psychology

  Biochemistry and molecular biology

  Epidemiology and preventative medicine


  Medical ethics

  General physiology

  Medical physiology II

  Medical physiology I

  Medical physiology III


  Special histology


  Medical microbiology and parasitology

  General history


  University, health and society

  Elective subject



  3rd Year

  4th Year

  Special pathological anatomy


  General pathological anatomy


  General pharmacology of organs and systems

  Nephrology and urology

  Immunology and immunopathology

  Oncology and medical genetics


  Pathology of the digestive system


  Pathology of the locomotor system

  Pathology of the circulatory system

  Pathology of the respiratory system

  General pathology and semiology


  Diagnostics and surgical therapy procedures

  Clinical radiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation

  General radiology

  Elective subject

  Elective subject




  5th Year

  6th Year

  Primary care and geriatric

  Tutored practicum

  Endocrinology and nutrition I

  Degree final project

  Endocrinology and nutrition II


  Infectious illnesses and clinical microbiology


  Clinical pharmacology


  Legal medicine and public health


   Obstetrics and gynaecology


  Pathology of the nervous system


  Paediatrics I


  Paediatrics II


  Casualties, medical emergencies and clinical toxicology


  Elective subject





Elective Subjects

  Diet and dietetics

   Medical image breakthrough

  Clinical anatomy

  Medical English

  Microbiological principles of antimicrobial treatment

  New technologies in biomedicine

  Molecular principles of pathology

  Dentistry for doctors

  Quality of Health care

  Child and Adolescent psychiatry and psychosomatic pathology

  Maxillofacial plastic surgery

  Health planning and clinical administration

  Drug dependencies

  Production, publication and diffusion of research result

  Enfermedades raras

  Reproduction Humana

  Clinical epidemiology

  Risks in the workplace and environmental toxicology


  Health, illness and culture

  Physiology of physical exercise and sport

  Genetic and cellular therapy

  Physiology of aging

  Paediatrics Emergencies

  Fundamentals of intensive care and Techniques for the treatment of severe pain

  Cardiac image




  • Fill the application form and present the yield copies of reports.
  • Application Fee
  • Application Review - Wait for the application overview measure. It requires half a month.
  • Get an Invitation Letter - Eligible candidate will get a position welcoming letter from the establishment utilizing email.
  • Admission Confirmation - Students need to attest to the certification by paying a critical proportion of instructive costs.
  • Visa Process - Students ought to apply for an understudy visa and educate the data in regards to the appearance concerning the school


Admission Confirmation

University will issue admission letter after verification of scanned documents. After the candidates need to submit original documents.

  • Invitation letter
  • Ministry accreditation
  • Ministry approval
  • Accommodation letter


3.University Fees Submission

After receiving Ministry approval student will deposit university tuition fees in university bank account.


4.Visa Application

The visa application process usually takes around 12 weeks to complete. For this reason, the visa process should start 3 months before arrival when anticipating a stay of over three months to study.


5.Travel Confirmation


  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • Medical certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Migration certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • NEET report card



Students’ accommodation halls will cost 400 to 700 EUR per month. Renting an apartment will cost over 1200 EUR per month. Life in our student housing means joining a vibrant and welcoming community, which offers a complete residential experience connected to the University.



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