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Kazakhstan is a country recently most popular for Indian medical aspirants, particularly for the lower-middle class segments. The good standards of medical education that are offered by Kazakhstan medical universities are undoubtedly an attractive factor for more people seeking MBBS in Kazakhstan. Apart from this factor low and affordable fee structure at medical colleges in Kazakhstan greatly contributes to the fascination of the Indian medical aspirants rushing to study medicine. 5 years of course duration valid in NMC of India highly assures the students seeking low budget medical colleges at this country.


  1. At first, the medical aspirants have to fill the application form of the University
  2. You have to fill up the form with correct details for MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan
  3. Then, it is necessary to submit all the required documents to the international students Department
  4. The acceptance or the rejection of the application form totally depends on the university
  5. In this step, the candidates will get the invitation letter for having MBBS Seat in Kazakhstan
  6. After getting the admission letter, you can apply for student visa at Embassy of Kazakhstan
  7. In the step, the candidates may get call from Embassy for an interview
  8. In the meantime, you have to submit the enrolment fee
  9. After getting your visa, the candidates can catch a flight for Kazakhstan.

Why Study in Kazakhstan ?

Global Recognition of Degree

Degrees provided by Medical Universities of Kazakhstan have world-wide recognition. It becomes easier for students to get jobs from top hospitals all across the globe. Now students can get admission to the hospitals of their own choice and preferences in India as well as in other countries.

Availability of Indian Food

The availability of the Indian canteen in most of the medical universities of Kazakhstan makes it easier for Indian Students to adapt to Kazakhstan easily. Moreover, there are many Indian Restaurants in Kazakhstan, Almaty which fulfills the demand of Indian Foods by the Indian students.

Easy Admission Process

The procedure of Admission in Kazakhstan is very easy. The candidate has to meet with eligibility criteria for admission in Kazakhstan’s top medical Universities. If a candidate is going with MBBS abroad consultants then it becomes easier for them to get admission to Kazakhstan’s top medical University.

Affordable learning cost

Learning MBBS in Kazakhstan is cheap compared to other countries. The average cost of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is about $4,000 per year. The cost of living is also affordable. We estimate that in order to pay for living in Kazakhstan, the minimum monthly fee is between $200 and $300.

Highly Qualified Faculty

Faculty of the Universities in Kazakhstan are highly qualified and experienced and they aim in providing practical knowledge to the medical students. They assist students by resolving their doubts in a very supportive manner.

The medium of studies

The medium of studies is in English language which makes it easier for Indian students to complete their medical courses in Kazakhstan and study accordingly.

World-class infrastructure

All campuses in Kazakhstan have world-class hospital facilities and modern equipment. For example, MBBS learning from Kazakhstan will be very productive, as most universities in Kazakhstan are of high standards. The class-rooms of most of the universities in Kazakhstan are fully air-conditioned as well as smart classes.

No donation or Headcount

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the annual fee, India’s private institutions still have a large number of donation or head fees. This is not the case at the Medical Universities in Kazakhstan. Most MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan do not have donations or headcount fees. The tuition fees of Kazakhstan medical schools are even lower than those of the Indian private universities in the rupee.

5 years MBBS Course

The duration of the MBBS course in Kazakhstan is just 5 years which attracts most of the Indian students to study medicine in Kazakhstan as it saves their 1 year. Most of the Universities from different countries offer the MBBS course for 6 years duration. In this 1 year, a student either can pursue a job or take part in learning by practicing in hospitals under the supervision of doctors.

Approved by NMC and WHO

Kazakh National Medical University, Al-Farabi State Medical University, and other medical Universities in Kazakhstan are approved by NMC, WHO and are recognized by UNESCO. Due to international recognition, it becomes easier for students to get an internship or jobs in top hospitals all across the Globe.


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Students Testimonials


Students Testimonials