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Armenia is a country that is located in the southern Caucasus and is known for having the highest mountain peak in the region. The capital of the Republic of Armenia is Yerevan and this is where almost all major universities and higher and secondary learning institutes are located. Armenia is a great location for pursuing higher education as the costs are very affordable. Living costs in the Republic of Armenia are the relatively lower than those of other European countries.

Armenia is one of the best countries when it comes to cheap and quality education. The Armenian people are friendly and welcoming and there is no problem of accommodation as rooms and apartments for rent are easily available. Armenian degrees are valid all over the world. Study and research in Armenia both are slowly gaining much importance and Armenia will soon be a hub of learning.

Admission Process

The medicine admission procedure in Armenia is easy and very simple to do. The whole procedure is straightforward and is very simple to carry out. The medical aspirants can take the guidance of expert consultants during the period of admission. It helps the candidates to avoid any kind of hassle during that time.

  • Choose any university of student’s choice.
  • Fill up the online application form will all the required documents.
  • Pay documentation charges and ensures the payment of admission Fees
  • Then, you will get the invitation letter from your chosen university within four working days from the date of application.
  • You need to apply for a student visa and it is mandatory. The time for getting your Visa issued will depend on the working days and procedure of Embassy.

Why Study in Armenia ?

Fantastic Cultural Experiences

Armenia is home to one of the world’s oldest cultures. During your education in Armenia, you can immerse yourself in its ancient buildings, food scene, and language. In Yerevan, and elsewhere, you can live history and experience the exciting fusion of East and West that Armenia offers international students. 

Affordable Housing and Transportation

In Armenia, both accommodation and transportation are super affordable. This means that you’ll only need about $390-$450 per month to live and study in Armenia.

Opportunity to Work Part-Time

Your student visa allows you to work during your studies, so working 4-hours a day can help you earn enough money to cover your expenses

Affordable Fees and Scholarship Opportunities

All of these subjects have affordable tuition fees. There’s also the possibility of full scholarship opportunities. Most schools in Armenia give international students the chance to apply for scholarships.

High-Quality Education

You can apply to study at the American University of Armenia, as well as other international schools, like the French University of Armenia and the European University of Armenia. These universities are some of the most famous and high-ranking institutions in the country. At these universities, you can learn the most creative skills and cutting-edge knowledge.

Large Range of Subjects

Armenia welcomes international students to study different subjects, like Computer and Data Science, Communication, Journalism, and Medicine. Many programs are offered in English, as well as in Armenian and even Russian.


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Students Testimonials


Students Testimonials