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Equipped with education experts from around the globe, Anix education has earned the reputation of the leading study abroad consultants in uae. Having established itself as a trusted name in the education sector, today Anix is credited with assisting students around the globe to pursue their career goals. Anix education owes its success to the vision and passion of experienced consultants who go out of way to assist students realize their potential. The consultancy has been motivated by the noble cause of making education accessible to students from all around the globe. Study abroad consultants in uae take immense pride in being the trusted face of education in countries all over the world. Every place from middle east to Europe has experienced the efficiency with which Anix education has furthered the careers of aspiring professionals.


Best Overseas Education consultancy in United Arab Emirates


Best Overseas Education Consultancy in UAE


Ever since its humble beginnings, Anix education has grown in both stature and reliability as the best overseas education consultancy in uae. The consultancy has gained people’s trust not just because of its track record, but because of its all-inclusive attitude towards students. Experienced in its understanding of students’ needs and empathetic in its approach to helping students pursue their special dreams. Boasting a close tie up with over 300 universities across 20 countries, Anix education stand tall as the leading foreign education facilitator. With ever-widening network of education experts, the best education consultancy in uae is responsible for furthering the careers of over 1000 students around the world. Our expert consultancy covers everything from career guidance, course selection, university enrollment, to travel assistance and post course assistance. Such is Anix education’s commitment to being a true guide in the lives of students, it makes a point of keeping in touch with them during and after their university/college days.

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