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Renowned as one of the leading study abroad consultants in Dubai, Anix Education was founded by a team of education experts with a genuine commitment to helping students to build their careers. Ever since its inception, the study abroad consultants have been instrumental in putting thousands in the path towards success. With a broad network of established career experts, we work towards achieving the shared goal of assisting students through different stages of their emotional and academic development. Aided by various renowned affiliations around the globe, our study abroad consultants in Dubai have constantly pushed the envelope to bring about changes in the education sector. Now drawing on university affiliations in over 20 countries, Anix has become the most trusted overseas education consultants in Dubai.



Overseas Education Consultants in Dubai


overseas educational consultants dubai


Our education consultants collaborate with leading counsellors and ambassadors from reputed international institutions to help students make the right choices for their career. Among the whole gamut of services offered by our Abroad education consultants in Dubai are shortlisting/application submission, step-by-step admission process, visa assistance and scholarship assistance. Our overseas education consultants also take care of the daunting formalities involving financial aid, education loan, and post landing guidance. Even after the admission process and commencement of academic year, our consultants will keep in close touch with students. We invest our heart and soul into serving the higher purpose of assisting talented students in realizing their career aspirations. Our unfailing dedication to student empowerment has turned Anix education into a force to reckon with in the industry. Now abroad education consultants in Dubai are aided in their journey by a host of prestigious universities around the globe.

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