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Anix Education, a premier organization in South India was founded in 2006 in Cochin, Kerala with a vision to provide quality, economically viable education abroad. Anix Education takes great pride in being the pioneer organization to provide admission to worldwide.

From modest beginning as an information cell in Kochi, Kerala, Anix Education has emerged as one of the most reputed overseas education facilitator with association across 20 + countries and over 300+ universities, with offices all over India and affiliated Centres in United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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Top four countries to pursue your MBBS


mbbs students

For aspiring doctors they will have to make some career defining choices. No decision making process in their career is as vital as that of choosing the right college to obtain MBBS. Well what’s just as, if not more, important is the place where they intend to pursue their goals. Today there are many authentic sources from where you can about countries. But how can you move forward with certainty? What makes the process of pursuing higher education in these countries different from each other? Read more to find out about the best countries to pursue  your MBBS.


Medical studies continues to be one of the most sought after career course around the globe. It’s also a physically and academically demanding discipline that requires candidates to be in the best of their ability to go all the way. Ukraine is eastern Europe country that is renowned for its rich cultural, history, and above all educational values. The country has served long as one of the most preferred foreign destination for higher education. MBBS Education in Ukraine is also synonymous with reasonable student fees. Prestigious medical universities in the country are also famous for offering world class education to foreign students complemented by state of the infrastructure and academic resources.


Georgia is a predominantly christian country that witnesses a great influx of tourists every year. It is today melting of pot of different people sharing distinct cultures, tastes and customs. Medical education system in Georgia paves way for international students to pursue MBBS courses in reputed universities at reasonable rates. With these universities the prospect of pursuing MBBS economically is just an application away. The culturally diverse and cosmopolitan landscape of Georgia will help medicine students into blend in with great ease. The price range of these programs also strike a positive chord among students from unprivileged background.


The cost of completing MBBS programs in foreign countries vary considerably. The program course may also be dependent on the university of your choice. Armenia is one of those countries with a rich tradition of hosting broad range of education programs.  Students from all over the country have folked to Armenia to realize their career goals. For country with diverse range of customs, Armenia is today recognized by many as the favorite destination to further higher education. The country is home to a vibrant community of doctors who were nurtured by various universities. Armenia is the most prefered place to invest not just your money and energy but your time in building the foundation of career.


Latvia has been long considered to be one of leading countries that offered high quality education. And it is hardly a surprise that international students find the education in Latvia satisfying. The country is also renowned for its modern hospitals and stat of the art laboratories that serve as the breeding ground for budding doctors. The place is also notable for its prestigious universities that have given wings to the dreams of many seasoned doctors. The highly reasonable fee structure and research resources have helped students to flourish both academically and personally. The high standard of syllabus and dedicated professors in these universities play a major role in nurturing student’s life.

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Different types of candidates who study medicine abroad



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World is full of people who wish to travel abroad to pursue higher education. But only a certain number of them end up realizing their goals. As an aspiring professional, you may be used to seeing students who come back home following their stay in foreign countries. In most cases, they return home after years of hard work with qualifications that not many can boast. So let’s dive in deep and see if we can spot a pattern emerge among people who go to foreign countries to study. This article will explore the commonality found among medical students who prefer studies abroad.

International students eying global medicine

If global medicine or tropical medicine is where your heart lies, you have to pick a place where you can realize your true potential. Keep in mind that pursuing a course abroad could easily expose you to worst kinds of conditions. What’s important is that most people with educational consultation carefully pick appropriate location to pursue medicine. If you are seeking admission in an international school, make sure that it comes with all the benefits. There are universities that offer courses in affiliation with state medical schools. Such a program will offer you a much needed universal experience.

Seeking economical and English-based education

There two types of students, those who wish to specialize in their mother-tongue, and those who want english based medical education. Many countries offer english based program made available at reasonable price rates. Clearly, the budget minded students will always find the education in these countries preferable that found in other courses. However, you can never be enough careful in choosing your course. For just that we advise you to exercise caution while you are selecting the place and college. Also, the majority of patients whom you work on will most likely speak the native language, and the more fluent you are in their language, the bigger help you will be.

Students genuinely interested in studying abroad

Now there are students who are genuinely passionate about exploring foreign culture and building a career in a foreign country. This is one of the major reasons why students opt for foreign education at the drop of a hat. Come to think of it, students tend to perform better academically when they do their program in a proper medical school at hands of eminent faculty. It is the best type of professional education you can ever dream of in any university for that matter. As good as it is to pursue education abroad, it is highly important to come up with a back up plan in case something goes awry.

If you have made up your mind about a foreign education in an ideal country of your choice, you might want to seek the aid of some consultancy that can help you overcome all types of hurdles associated with travel documentation, admission, cultural and social integration. Look no further the leading foreign education consultants in Kerala.

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