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Anix Education, a premier organization in South India was founded in 2006 in Cochin, Kerala with a vision to provide quality, economically viable education abroad. Anix Education takes great pride in being the pioneer organization to provide admission to worldwide.

From modest beginning as an information cell in Kochi, Kerala, Anix Education has emerged as one of the most reputed overseas education facilitator with association across 20 + countries and over 300+ universities, with offices all over India and affiliated Centres in United Arab Emirates (UAE)


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Top four countries to pursue your MBBS

  For aspiring doctors they will have to make some career defining choices. No decision making process in their career is as vital as that of choosing the right college to obtain MBBS. Well what’s just as, if not more, important is the place where they intend to pursue their goals. Today there are many … Continue reading “Top four countries to pursue your MBBS”

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Different types of candidates who study medicine abroad

    World is full of people who wish to travel abroad to pursue higher education. But only a certain number of them end up realizing their goals. As an aspiring professional, you may be used to seeing students who come back home following their stay in foreign countries. In most cases, they return home … Continue reading “Different types of candidates who study medicine abroad”

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Picking up the cheapest but perfect country to pursue medicine

If you are on the lookout for a country to pursue your medical career, you may first want to learn about the countries where you can pursue dream in the most economical way. Our list of cheap countries is intended for those who are in search for the perfect place. Among the most favored economical … Continue reading “Picking up the cheapest but perfect country to pursue medicine”

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Education consultants work among various communities

With the advent of new age technologies, education institutions are running from pillar to post to help students adapt in the ever-changing landscape. As the technologies and pace of the world soars, people are starting to depend more and more on the expertise of Education consultants. Now, these are passionate mentors and educators capable of … Continue reading “Education consultants work among various communities”

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Major reasons why you should pursue MBBS courses in Greece

Renowned as an amazing travel destination all over the globe, Greece is also home to some of the most famous medical universities. It is the land of the gods, and is full of life-affirming historic locations that will inspire you into action. Greek people in general are known for their laid-back demeanor, and extend a … Continue reading “Major reasons why you should pursue MBBS courses in Greece”

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